Flu Virus

My plans for posting on regular basis were interrupted this past week. The flu (upper respiratory version) struck our household. While on our flight back from Switzerland, half the passengers on the plane were coughing and sneezing, so I can’t say I was too surprised when my husband became ill a few days after arriving home. My six-year-old daughter caught it next and ended up with a double ear infection and pink eye.

My three year old daughter Elyse—the one with severe drug and food allergies—has come down with a mild version of it. It’s not nearly what my husband and six-year-old daughter have experienced. I was shocked, but I’ll explain the reason why I think that is. Before my trip to Europe, I saw an alternative medicine doctor (a/k/a naturopath) in Chicago about Elyse’s issues. Since she’s allergic to nearly every antibiotic on the market, except for Cipro (which is something I don’t really want to have to use), the naturopath said our goal was to keep her off of antibiotics. Easier said than done, I thought. She went on to describe two botanical supplements that I could give her when it appeared that she was getting ill. They’re both made by Wise Woman Herbals, found at www.wisewomanherbals.com. The first is called Elderberry Syrup which is to be given daily as an overall immune booster and the second one is called Phytoguard Junior (Glycerite). As soon as I realized that my husband was sick, I started giving Elyse the supplements, and, to this day, I’m convinced that she hasn’t gotten nearly as sick because of them. I’ll admit that we’re not out of the woods just yet, but she’s holding her own for the moment. We’ve not had to put her on antibiotics nor have we had to use steroids for asthma-related issues. This I consider a good thing. But anyone with children knows that it’s a day to day situation. My hope is that she’ll be a lot healthier because of these supplements.

When I saw the naturopath in Chicago, I will say it was the first time that I’ve ever felt I was on the same page as my doctor with regards to Elyse’s condition. This I felt was progress. Elyse has been through a lot in her short life span, and I’ve made it my goal to find good solutions for her. I think we’re finally on to them, and I’ll share more in upcoming blogs.

By the way, I’m intolerant to more than 35 different foods so I’ve been seeing a Chinese medicine doctor who gave me Chinese herbs to boost my immune system. I swear by them, and so far, I’ve not been hit with the virus.

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February 11, 2008

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Posted by Amy Wicker on February 11, 2008.

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