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Dear Amy,
My name is Dodie and my 5 1/2 yr. old son has dealt with Severe Eczema and Allergies(Food and Environmental) since he was 3 weeks old. At age 3 He was also diagnosed with Asthma. He had his first round of allergy testing at 15 months because of the severity of his eczema. he was tested a second round at 18 months. It seemed that he was allergic to everything he looked at. ... My son has started taking probiotics to help his immune system and it has helped tremendously. So much that we only give him singular once a day and nothing else.

He is in Kindergarten and is now starting to get self conscious about having his hands bandaged all the time. He wears pants everyday most of the time in summer as well so no one sees his legs. Please let me know if
you have can help in any way. Whatever it is it must be fragrance free no nut oils of any kind or tree oils, no avocado, milk, soy, wheat or egg products. Those are the worse allergies that cause him anaphalactic reactions.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.


Hi Dodie—

Thanks for writing. Your son sounds a lot like my daughter. We’ve
struggled with the skin issue for a long time, and my daughter now
reacts to both vaseline and steroid cream. When she was younger
though I used olive and avocado oils on her skin which helped.
Recently however she’s been drinking “Ultra-Care for Kids” by
Metagenics. It’s full of lots of good things, including the oils
that her body needs (it tastes good, and it’s rice based). I’ve
noticed that her skin is much softer now than ever, so we’re
essentially softening her skin from the inside out. Right now, I
don’t have anything that I can use on her skin because she’s reacting
to it all, including our latest attempt with straight aloe. I’ve
posed this question to my naturopath to see if she has any other
suggestions. Once I hear back from her, I’ll let you know. I’ve
always turned to the oils in my kitchen though to see if there was
anything that we could use. As I’m sure you do, I always start out
with a small amount on her arm or wrist to see whether she’s going to
react to it. If she doesn’t, I’ll usually try it.

I’m glad to hear that the probiotics are working. We had been using
chewable probiotics, but it wasn’t enough. My naturopath (ND)
recommended a probiotic powder which has a much higher concentration
of probiotics in it. I mix it in with her drinks. We’ve noticed
that it has helped a lot. I do wish more traditionally-trained
doctors were in tune with the role of the gut in all of this.


I just heard back from my naturopath, and she has suggested that I try Alba. According to her, it’s a very emollient body lotion that you can buy at Whole Foods.

Posted by Amy Wicker on February 29, 2008.

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