McDonalds French Fries / Rotation Diet

My daughters and I were out running errands the other night when I decided to stop by McDonalds to pick up dinner for my 6-year-old. I was feeling brave about Elyse’s food allergies, so I decided to order some French fries for her. I figured I could give her a few to see how well she tolerated them. I knew they had some wheat in them, but I certainly didn’t think there would be dairy in them. When I asked the woman who was taking my order, she reassured me that they didn’t contain dairy. Needless to say, Elyse loved her fries. Who doesn’t, right? I didn’t give her many because I wanted to get home to double-check the ingredients on McDonald’s website. Well, it turns out that the French fries do contain both wheat and hydrolyzed milk. I was shocked. I was even more shocked when Elyse didn’t seem to have a reaction to them. Perhaps I had given her such a small amount of fries that the amount she consumed was miniscule. Her milk allergy is off the charts, so I can’t explain why we didn’t see any kind of reaction. We took a chance and got off lucky.

I’m now in the third week of my rotation diet. I wasn’t hungry at all the first week or so, but lately I seem to be hungry all the time. The diet is pretty boring, but I’ve not had a lot of time to experiment and be creative with the menu. I certainly feel better physically, and I’ve noticed a lessening of my allergy symptoms. I received my order from last week which included milo muffins, cassava bagels and white sweet potato bread. Upon my initial taste test, I was not too impressed, but after I warmed them up, they tasted much better. My favorite so far is the white sweet potato bread. Three weeks down, another five weeks to go before I can try real food again.

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Amy Wicker

Posted by Amy Wicker on April 09, 2008.

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