Custom Food Allergy T-Shirt
Custom Food Allergy T-Shirt

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Custom Food Allergy T-Shirt

We’ve received so many requests for different types of allergy t-shirts that we’ve decided to let you design your own shirt. Just pick out the design you want for the front and the text you want on the back, and we’ll get the shirt made up to your specifications.

Pick your image for the front of the shirt.(See Pictures)
A. Bag of Groceries
B. Various Foods

Pick your text for the back of the shirt.
1. “Pardon MOI, I’m allergic to… The only thing you should feed me is a compliment.”
2. “Pardon MOI, I’m allergic to… But not to hugs.”
3. “Pardon MOI, I’m allergic to… Please wash hands before handling.”

Unfortunately, our site cannot handle these options just yet, so after placing your order, please email us with your list of food allergens and above choices. Our email address is

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