"Don't Make Me Nuts" Allergy Edition

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"Don't Make Me Nuts" Allergy Edition

You never know when that well-meaning parent at the playgroup will hand your child a peanut butter sandwich. Others may not be aware of the precautions one needs to take in preparing food for a child with allergies. The “Don’t Make Me Nuts” edition offers a handy way to let teachers, parents, and others know that they need to take a little extra care with your little peanut.

Each card pack contains a total of 15 cards featuring five different scenarios. The scenarios in this edition include the following:

My child is allergic to…Thanks for your consideration.

My child is allergic to….Please clean up well and wash hands after eating.

I couldn’t help but notice that your child is eating a food to which my child is allergic. Please have your child wash hands well after eating.

You have been so mindful of my child’s allergies.

My child is allergic to…No kisses please.

The cards come packaged in an aluminum card case. Usually ships within 3-5 business days.

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