"Loose Lips" Cell Phone Edition

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"Loose Lips" Cell Phone Edition

No doubt, cell phones are one of the biggest modern mixed blessings. For every emergency call you get, you have to listen to five offensive ring tones, three intimate relationship talks, and a blow-by-blow discussion of a stranger’s colonoscopy. The pardonMOI cell phone edition offers a gentle way to let the guy in the elevator who’s having an affair or the woman in the next cube who’s checking in with her therapist know that everyone is getting an earful. Its a wake-up call with humor and tact.

This edition contains 14 cards featuring four different scenarios. The scenarios in this edition include the following:

Inappropriate Ringtones

Turning off cell phone

Talking too loudly

Volume set on “stun”

The cards come packaged in an aluminum card case. Usually ships within 3-5 business days.

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