"King of Hearts" - The Man in your Life Edition

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"King of Hearts" - The Man in your Life Edition

Whether your guy is a debonair gentleman or just plain clueless about romance, a little positive reinforcement never hurts. How do you let him know how much you love the little things he does… without him feeling like you’re nagging him to do them? This edition is a fun way to let him know all the things that make your heartstrings zing.

The scenarios in this edition include the following:

Letting me sleep in.

Hugging me for no reason.

Telling me I look fabulous.

Giving me a massage.

Helping me around the house.

Surprising me.

Looking at me that special way.

Asking me how my day was.

Making dinner.

Holding my hand.

Being physically active.

Carrying my bags.

Telling me you love me.

Taking walks together.

Being just the way you are.

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