"Step Up to the Plate" Roommate Edition

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"Step Up to the Plate" Roommate Edition

Tired of cooking for two when you’re only one? Tired of your roommate taking out the trash with the frequency of a solar eclipse? Better than a note on the bathroom mirror or locks on the refrigerator door, the pardonMOI “Roommates Pack” keeps things civil when a civil war is in the making.

Each card pack contains a total of 14 cards featuring seven different scenarios, each with two humorous responses. The scenarios in this edition include the following:

Take out the trash.

Do the dishes.

Clothes are on the floor.

Toilet seat is left up.

Rent is late.

Time to move out.

Hot date. Roommate needs to vacate.

The cards come packaged in an aluminum card case. Usually ships within 3-5 business days.

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